CAD-COLOR® SuperTEK® Sublistop™ Printable Heat Transfer Vinyl

Inhibits dye migration while remaining soft and flexible.

This soft, lightweight printable vinyl has excellent stretch and rebound, and applies to polyester and performance fabrics without bleeding, scorching, or burning.
Breakthrough STiX2™ adhesive adheres permanently to performance fabrics, while its charcoal-based lining functions as a barrier between the garment and the graphic, allowing printed colors to remain clearly defined, even along the edges.

Material at a Glance

Material Specs

Finish: Semi-Matte
Composition: Polyurethane (PU)
Thickness: 120 microns

Recommended Fabrics

100% Cotton
100% Polyester
Poly/Cotton Blends
Lycra®/Spandex Blends

Application Instructions

Temperature: 280-300°F/ 138-150°C
Time: 12-15 seconds
Peel: Warm