Heat Press Power Platen™

Decorate heat-sensitive materials.

Reduce the risk of scorching heat-sensitive synthetic fabrics with this innovative heat press platen. It allows you to reduce the temperature of your upper platen by activating adhesive with heat from below the garment. Reduced upper platen heat also helps 3D emblems and embroidered patches retain their full dimension.

Available in 4 sizes, each controlled with one interchangeable controller, making it easy to switch out platen size as needed.
Four sizes available: 6" x 6", 6" x 20", 11" x 15", and 16" x 20"
Controller's digital temperature display ensures accurate application
Built-in heat printing pillow allows application near buttons, zippers, and seams
Eliminates the need to pre-heat garments
Helps reduce the risk of dye migration on polyester fabrics

Compatible with 16" x 20" Hotronix® Auto Clam, MAXX® Clam, and Air Fusion IQ heat presses. (Not compatible with Hotronix Fusion IQ or draw presses).