Heat Presses

Advantages of Custom Heat Press Platens

Standard and Custom Platens / Platen Covers

By using custom-made platens, offered by Hotronix® , decorators are finding that
they can put custom logos and designs on a much broader range of products than
ever before. Unique product applications include spiked golf shoes, can koozies,
gloves, umbrellas, and a wide range of bags including tote bags, attaché cases, roll bags,
computer bags, and much more.

As a free service, Hotronix® will work with a client to come up with a design to create a custom platen
to accomplish any job. “We have created custom platens for clients to print on the wrist band and the back
of gloves,” says Ben Robinson, director. “With the ability of Stahls’ new heat-applied materials to go on
waterproof nylon, leather, canvas, and Lycra Spandex, there’s almost no limit to what items can be
decorated using a heat press.”



To get started, all Hotronix® needs is a rough sketch of the platen shape and they will take it from there.
Once a design is completed, the company will provide a quote on the cost of the custom platen, which will
be designed so that it can be interchanged with the standard platen on any Hotronix® heat press. If you’re
looking for a way to decorate an unusual item or more efficiently and cost effectively decorate an item,
contact Stahls' International to investigate the heat seal options available.



Hotronix Interchangeable Textile and Cap Platens

Interchangeable platens allow you to heat apply graphics to a wide variety of garments and accessories.

Can Cooler Platen
Can Cooler Platen


Can Cooler Platen
Be fully prepared to decorate can coolers, popular
for commemorating parties and events and as
promotional giveaways.
With sturdy steel construction, with no rubber pads
on the platen the Can Cooler Platen can decorate
up to eight can coolers at once. (Compatible only
with 16" x 20" Hotronix ® and MAXX ® heat presses)

Actual Size: 16”L x 20”W x 5”H (40cm x 50cm x 12cm)
29 lbs (13.2 kg)

Shipping Dimensions:
18”L x 22”W x 6”H (46cm x 56cm x 15cm)
32 lbs (14.5 kg)

Hat Bill Platen
Hat Bill Platen


Hat Bill Platen
Expand your hat decoration capabilities and cash in
on a hot new trend with this specialty platen. Decorate
the top or underside of cap bills, adding a new dimension
to sports and fashion headwear.
Print up to four caps at once with heat transfer material
designs, screen printed transfers, rhinestones, and more.
Platen fits Hotronix® Fusion, Air Fusion™, and
Dual Air Fusion™ heat presses, as well as Hover,
Auto Clam, and MAXX® Clam presses with a born-on
date of 2014 or later (not compatible with 11" x 15"
Hotronix or MAXX clamshell presses).

Dimensions / weight:
Actual Size: 15”L x 15”W x 4”H (38cm x 38cm x 10cm)
15 lbs (6.8 kg)

Shipping Dimensions:
16”L x 16”W x 6”H (40cm x 40cm x 15cm)
18 lbs (8.2 kg)

Interchangeable Garment Platens
Interchangeable Garment Platens


Textile Platens
• 7” (17.50cm) Round Bagger
Personalize the ends of duffle bags, sides of gym bags,
and backpacks.
• 8” x 10” (20cm x 25cm) It’s all in the Bag 
Heat print onto totes and polypropylene shopping bags.
Slide bag onto the platen for efficient heat printing on
both sides.
• 6” x 10” (15cm x 25cm) Youth Club
Decorate youth size garments with ease.
• 11” x 15” (28cm x 28cm) All-rounder  
Our most popular platen: easily decorate youth and
women’s size garments.

Interchangeable Cap Platens
Interchangeable Cap Platens


Cap Platen
• 2 ¾” x 6 ½” (7cm x 16.50cm) Low Profile
For caps that have small printing surfaces on the front.
Perfect for visors.
• 3” x 5 ¾” (7.50cm x 14.50cm) Low Crown
Use with caps that have a low crown or mid-sized
printing area.
• 4” x 6 ½” (10cm x 16.50cm) Full Profile
For caps that have full front crowns.
• 4” x 8¾” (10cm x 22cm) Sub Foam
For oversized caps and other headwear with large
printing surfaces.
• 3 ½” x 6” (9cm x 15cm) Standard
Comes standard on all of our cap heat presses.

Special Heat Press Leg Platen

Hotronix® Fusion™ Sleeve / Leg Platen
(Quick Slip Pad Protector included)



Hotronix® Fusion™ Sleeve/Leg Platen
Pant legs, sleeves of jackets and the-like no longer
represent areas that are too `cumbersome to heat
apply graphics on to. Simply split the sleeve or pant
leg and thread it on to the platen and heat apply.
Our patented Fusion Series Threadability™ can be fully
utilized, speeding up efficiency and greatly improving
production time. With a print area of 5” x 19“ (12.5cm x
48.25cm) no job is too big or small – just perfect!

Dimensions / weight:
6”L x 20”W(15.25cm x 61cm)
10 lbs (4.55kg)

Shipping dimensions:
24”L x 6”W x 6”H (51cm x 15.25cm x 15.25cm)


Shoe Platen

Shoe Platen



Shoe Platen

This lower platen was developed for Hotronix® and
The MAXX® series heat presses to accommodate most
youth and adult sized shoes. Utilize the maximum print
area of up to 2” x 4” (5cm x 10cm) to personalize
sneakers, cleats, spikes, slippers and other sports
and fashion wear.

Dimensions / weight:
15”L x 6”W x 4”H (38cm x 15.25cm x 10cm)
8 lbs (3.7kg)

Shipping dimensions:
15”L x 8”W x 8”H (38cm x 20.50cm x 20.50cm)

Quick Slip Pad Protector
Quick Slip Pad Protector


Quick Slip Pad Protector

This fitted non-stick cover slips snugly over
the bottom platen, making it easy to slide the
garments on the platen. It also reduces wear
and tear.
11" x 15" (28cm x 38cm)
15" x 15" (38cm x 38cm)
16" x 16" (40cm x 40cm)
16" x 20" (40cm x 50cm)

Quick Slip Upper Platen Protector
Quick Slip Upper Platen Protector


Quick Slip Upper Platen Protector

This fitted non-stick cover fits snugly over the
upper platen. The anti-static properties of the
cover reduce wear and tear and protect it from
inks, dyes, or possible heat transfer material
residue that may accidentally adhere to it.
Furthermore, this cover can reduce application
time due to its heat-preserving composition.
16" x 20" (40cm x 50cm)