Heat Presses
Hotronix Heat Presses

Heat Printing Presses

by Hotronix®

Stahls’ Hotronix® heat presses are the industry’s most accurate, innovative
and technologically advanced heat press machines in the industry.
Hotronix® heat presses continue to dominate in design, outperform in comparison tests
and outlast the competition in all areas. Companies all over the world take part in distributing heat
seal equipment manufactured by Stahls’ Hotronix® because it is reliable, accurate and easy to use.

Hotronix Heat Presses

Manual,  Semi-Automatic and Pneumatic Heat Presses
Heat presses are available as manual, semi-automatic and pneumatic models.

  • A manual press requires the operator to use physical force to close the press
    and open it when the timer goes off.
  • A semi-automatic is typically easier to close and usually opens on its own once the
    heat application time is up. It is much less tiring for the operator to use than a manual style press.
  • Pneumatic heat presses require an air compressor that is utilized to build up pressure. A foot pedal
    or knobs on the machine itself are used to activate the heat press and put it into motion thanks for
    the power derived from the air compressor. This automated design prevents a heat press operator
    from feeling fatigued as they might when working with a manual / semi-
    automatic heat press.

For a shop that uses a heat press only occasionally, a manual heat press is sufficient. The more frequently
a heat press is going to be used, the more technologically advanced it ought to be. After all, working most
efficiently and generating a high return on the investment is the goal of any enterprise.
Hotronix® offers a wide selection of heat press models and we invite you to take a closer look to see which
model fits your needs best. Contact us for more information.


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