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Cutters and Blades

Roll-fed Cutters

Roll-fed cutters are the equipment choice from beginner to expert level for cutting heat transfer
graphics. These cutters enable you to create and cut individual logos and designs made of
transfer paper, vinyl, flock, even twill material – from individual one-offs to hundreds of logos,
STAHLS’ offers roll-fed cutters for every budget.

Vinyl and Twill Cutter

It's an output device
The cutter connects to your computer (generally not included as part of the purchase); much like you would
connect a printer. You send a design from the computer to the cutter, which then cuts it from the material.

Packages Available
Some suppliers offer packages that include the cutter, a heat press and materials. Often, choosing a package
deal will save you money up front and provide you with everything you need to begin profiting.

Software for Artwork Creation
Cutters come with the required software, either in stand alone form or as plug-in for graphic arts programs.

Embroidery Software TwillStitchPro PLUS Convert cut or vector files into sew files in a simple-to-use program!
TwillStitchPro PLUS™ is a software package for embroiderers interested in creating sew files

easily. It is the industry's most powerful embroidery and pre-cut fonts software and now available

in the advanced version. For more information click here.

Cutters come in many widths - anywhere from 8 inches to 64 inches (20cm to 162.50cm). A 24-inch (61 cm) width is
considered a standard minimum size for CAD-CUT® materials.


Roland GX-24 Cutter

Cut your own designs and lettering!
Speed. Performance. Reliability. Precision handling. The Roland® GX-24 cutter is the solid companion for
print-and-cut jobs with its built-in optical registration system that accurately aligns pre-printed material
for contour cutting. The GX-24 comes fully loaded with everything you need to create professional-grade
graphics and signs right from your computer.


Roland® System includes:
• Cut Studio Software
• Power cords & AC Adaptor
• (1) 45° general purpose blade
• USB & Serial Cables
• (1) blade holder
• CD-ROM User manuals

Roland® CutStudio Software features:
Full featured design software that also functions as a
plug-in for CorelDRAW® and Adobe Illustrator®.
The GX-24 features a unique registration system that
automatically recognizes printer registration marks,
allowing a graphic, printed on material, to be accurately
contour cut.

Download Cutter Guidelines Download Information Sheet

  1. Contour cut printed graphics -
    optical registration sensor
    recognizes registration marks
    produced by various printers
  2. Digital servo motor
  3. Cut a variety of materials with
    specialized blades
  4. Roll or sheet cutting
    capabilities - maximum cutting
    width is 22.9" (58 cm)
  5. Acceptable media widths
    from 2" - 27.5" (5cm – 70cm)



GCC Expert 24 Vinyl Cutter

Perfectly Suited For Beginners!
The Expert 24 LX features the enhanced Auto Contour Cutting System: AAS II (Aligning System II). This system
guarantees precise contour cutting by auto detecting the registration marks on digitally produced images.

GCC Expert 24 Vinyl Cutter

GCC® System includes:
• Great Cut Software
• AC Power Cord
• USB & Serial Cables
• Desktop Support Brackets
• Cutting Strip
• Pair of Tweezers
• Paper Slicer

GCC® Compatibility:
GCC Expert 24 LX supports several application programs such
as CorelDraw, Illustrator, and AutoCAD etc. There is no extra
learning to do and no need to adapt to new software.

The control panel of Expert 24 LX is easy to use, along with the
special VLCD software, providing a simple and intuitive workflow
for users of all levels.

USB & RS-232 Interface with a re-plot memory of 500kb as well
as HPGL, HPGL/s commands.
  1. Recognizes registration marks
    due to optical eye
  2. Stepping Motor
  3. Maximum cutting width:
    23.6" (600mm)
  4. Maximum media with:
    28.3" (720mm)
  5. Maximum cutting force:
  6. Max cutting speed (diag.):
    15.7"/sec (400mm/sec)
  7. Guaranteed 118" (3m) tracking
  8. Compatible with
    Windows 2000/XP/7

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Easy Weeder, Cutter Blades
Weeding Tweezers


EZ Weeder®

Handy tool for weeding CAD-CUT®
and CAD-COLOR® graphics

Roland® Cutter – Blades
45º Dura-Blade (5 Pk.), 60º Dura-Blade (5 Pk.)
Flock Dura-Blade (5 Pk.), Twill Dura-Blade (5 Pk.)

Ioline™ 100 – Blades
Ioline™ 100 Blade 1045 45º general purpose (5 Pk.)
Ioline™ 100 Blade 1060 60º for thicker materials (5 Pk.)

Weeding Tweezers


Weeding Tweezers

Easily pluck away excess material from CAD-CUT®,
CAD-COLOR® and pressure sensitive vinyl graphics
Roland Cutter Floor Stand  

Roland® Cutter Stand
• Larger Casters for Easy Rolling
• Locked-in Rollers
• Heavy Duty Steel Construction
• Durable Black Powder Coated Finish
• User Friendly, Easy Assembly
• Made in the USA