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  2014 Tradeshows


Fespa Munich 2014

What a Show - FESPA Digital

in Munich May 20th – 23rd

With 536 exhibitors present, the largest-ever FESPA Digital show attracted a record
audience of 16766 unique visitors in Munich; a 30% increase over the last FESPA
Digital which was held in Hamburg in 2011.

Multiple STAHLS’ entities were present in booth #371: Target Transfers, Stahls’
Europe GmbH, Hotronix and our own Ariel Nicolaci were all at hand to introduce the latest in heat printing innovations
to the very interested visitors.

The global launch of the Hotronix® Dual Air Fusion™ was front and center and Ben Robinson, managing director,
was busy showing this latest edition to the Hotronix line-up. In addition, the new TEK™ Series was launched after
having given its debut in the U.S.A. just a few months prior. The exclusive STiX²™ adhesive allows these print &
cut heat transfer materials to be applied onto virtually any substrate while boasting great effects.

We would like to thank the many visitors who made time to stop by our booth! Make sure to see us at the SGIA
show or FESPA Africa and FESPA China this year where we will be able to show you the latest innovation in all
things heat printing.

Fespa Munich 2014

Fespa digital Munich 2014

  2013 Tradeshows


FESPA China 2013

FESPA China, Shanghai
Great Show – Great Visitors!

Teamed up with CSGIA, FESPA China opened its doors
in Shanghai from November 18th – November 20th 2013.

STAHLS’ International joined this event with four of its staff who had flown in
from their headquarters in Michigan: Ming Qian, Karty Cheung (both Chinese native
speakers), Ariel Nicolaci and Ulrike André.

Visitors were able to gain insight on “everything STAHLS’”:   
24m² had been designated and decorated showing the latest Ökotex certified innovations in CAD-CUT®
heat transfer materials
, CAD-COLOR® digital medias and last but not least Hotronix® heat presses - quite
possibly the most user-friendly and technologically advanced heat presses available, worldwide.
We would like to thank the many visitors who came to our booth to learn about our products and services!

Fespa China 2013

Fespa 2013 China, Shanghai

Fespa China 2013

Exhibition Hall, FESPA China

Fespa China 2013



FESPA London 2013

FESPA at the ExCel, London, England
From June 25-June 29th 2013

New Products + Interested Visitors
= GREAT Show!

Hard to believe that three years have passed
already since the last FESPA opened its doors
in Munich 2010 but true: FESPA moved from
Germany to England and they as well as
STAHLS’ enjoyed a great turnout – yet again!  

STAHLS’ had positioned itself right at the
entrance and was busy welcoming distributors
and end customers from around the world.

Ariel Nicolaci, Sales Manager for Latin
America, was present and kept busy introducing
CAD-CUT® Basic Film: a thinner PU, the
economic solution for heat application material
as well as CAD-COLOR® Basic Print: a printable
PU material able to reproduce designs brightly
and vibrantly, at a great price.

Fespa 2013


Examples of our latest innovations

Examples of our latest innovations

Stephanie Schnur, Frank Bruecker (STAHLS’ Europe, Ariel Nicolaci, Robin Bull, Susan Ringrose (Target Transfers), behind the camera: Martin Borley (Target Transfers)

Stephanie Schnur, Frank Bruecker (STAHLS’ Europe),
Ariel Nicolaci, Robin Bull, Susan Ringrose (Target Transfers),
behind the camera: Martin Borley (Target Transfers)

In total more than of our 60 products were on display,
ranging from beautiful transfers to heat applied vinyl,
print and cut media and of course, our line of Hotronix®
heat presses
, which staff from Target Transfers and
STAHLS’ Europe were eager to demonstrate.

A big Thank You to all our visitors and distributors
for their time and interest shown in our products and
services – STAHLS’, the innovative leader in all things
heat printing.


Printwear and Promotion 2010

Standing Room Only at the
Printwear and Promotion Show

The thirst for knowledge concerning heat printing onto garments and textiles was very apparent this week at the Printwear & Promotion Live 2013 show at the NEC, Birmingham.

Susan Ringrose (Target Transfers) was at the microphone for seminar sessions on each of the three days of the show, which had such a high attendance that at the back it was standing room only! The show saw the introduction of the new SportsFilm Extra CAD-CUT® material, and also featured the stunning Air Fusion Heat Press, along with our Creative Concept Display pods.

Attendance at the show this year was up against 2012, and those dropping by at the Target booth were enthused about what they had seen, and the opportunities available to them in this industry. All in all, the show marked the beginning of an exciting year for all those in the textile decorating business, and clearly demonstrated that even in these difficult times, there are still opportunities out there!

Printwear and Promotion Live with Susan Ringrose

Printwear and Promotion
Live with Susan Ringrose


  2012 Tradeshows


STAHLS’ Teams Up at FESPA Barcelona

Representatives from four GroupeSTAHL companies were on hand to greet visitors, support our existing Spanish distributors and meet with distributors from across the globe at FESPA Digital in Barcelona, February 21-24 2012.

There was great interest in discovering new ways to print on sublimated garments with CAD-CUT® Premium Plus Sublistop, available in eleven colors, and CAD-COLOR® Sublistop, a polyurethane digital media for print/cut machines.

The Cap Basic heat press debuted at the show, completing the Clam Basic Series, which was launched less than a year ago at FESPA Digital in Hamburg, Germany 2011. This series is very popular among the price-conscious who know that a good, solid heat press will always be in demand and have its place in the heat press industry. Designed by STAHLS’, the Clam Basic will not disappoint when it comes to quality and functionality.

Although the Clam Basic Series enjoyed great interest it could not steal the limelight of the Hotronix® Fusion. With its space-saving and versatile swing away / draw mechanism and easy load system, the Fusion simply remains

STAHLS’ Teams Up at FESPA Barcelona


unsurpassed when it comes to design, ease of use and performance.

Thank you to all who took their time to come and see us at our booth and who showed interest in our products and services. We look forward to welcoming you again soon!



  2011 Tradeshows


STAHLS’ at FESPA Fabric in Hamburg, Germany

Living up to the hype of the show, the STAHLS’ booth at FESPA Fabric in Hamburg, Germany, was packed with heat printing innovations. It was also packed with visitors who came to visit with STAHLS’ representatives from around the world. Ben Robinson of STAHLS’ Hotronix gave live demonstrations on the wide range of Hotronix® heat presses on display. Josh Ellsworth of CAD-CUT Direct was well received at the FESPA Theater Showcase where he had been invited to speak each day. Ulrike André and Ariel Nicolaci of STAHLS’ International, along with Chris Treadway of Target Transfers presented hands-on heat printing solutions and supported colleagues from the Germany-based STAHLS’ Europe.

CAD-CUT® Premium Plus, a new thin heat transfer material quickly emerged as one of the favorites of the latest decorating innovations. This thin polyurethane material wowed visitors with its amazing stretch and rebound, light tack carrier, and wide color range. Booth visitors really understood the importance of this new material, especially since it is perfectly suited for textiles that can only withstand low temperatures during the heat application process.

But there was more to see! With eight new innovations in the CAD-COLOR® digital media range, Stahls’ now has a total of 15 materials for use with printer/cutters, making us the leader in this category. From glow in the dark, to reflective, to shiny silver, to elastic, to sublimation blocking films -

FESPA Fabric in Hamburg, Germany

STAHLS' Group at FESPA Fabric in Hamburg, Germany

STAHLS’ offers it all. Raising the bar in this range is the CAD-COLOR® Premium Print reproduction while providing perfect opacity. One clear advantage is the factthat there is absolutely no down time due to drying times between the printing and cutting step. Once the ink has been applied to this media it can be cut immediately. This saves time and money making it one of the most efficient materials available.

Thanks to all of you who were able to stop by and speak with us in Hamburg. If you weren’t able to attend and are interested in learning more about the products introduced at the show, please contact us and we will make sure you get the information you require. We look forward to meeting you in person at our next international event!


STAHLS' International and CAD-CUT Direct® Team Up at FESPA Florida

Fespa Orlando

Visitors to the first ever “FESPA Americas” that took place in Orlando, Florida in February were wowed with the wide variety of multi-media garment apparel looks on display in the booth shared by STAHLS' International and CAD-CUT Direct. Graphics of America and FESPA came together to create this new industry trade event with an international flavor and many Spanish-speaking visitors. "The turnout was larger than expected," says Ariel Nicolaci, Sales Manager for STAHLS' International. "We had huge interest in the new special effects CAD-CUT® materials, such as CAD-CUT© Pebble Puff, CAD-COLOR® and our ExactPrint laser transfer paper as well as our innovative Hotronix heat presses.


  2010 Tradeshows


Printwear and Promotion 2010 Stahls International at FESPA 2010

It Was A Pleasure Meeting You!

Hotronix Fusion at FESPA 2010

From June 22nd – June 26th four STAHLS' entities welcomed a record number of visitors to their booth at FESPA 2010, in Munich.

One of the show highlights was the STAHLS' Hotronix® Fusion™ heat press.
In a class of its own, the Hotronix® Fusion™ is the industry's first and only heat press equipped with Touch Screen technology and patented design for easy threadability. If you did not have the opportunity to see it in action while at the show, we invite you to take a couple of minutes to view this brief video highlight.

Two new garment decorating materials also gave their debut at this show:

1) CAD-CUT® Sportfilm Lite // Sportsfilm – a new, very thin, matte PU material available in 30 colors that adheres to virtually any textile. It is delivered on a sticky Mylar® and allows even the finest details to be cut and weeded.

Sportfilm Lite

Express Print

2) CAD-COLOR® Express Print // Sportsfilm – a white, thinner PU film with very little to no drying time while allowing the reproduction of the most brilliant colors. Suitable for all eco /eco-solvent printers available in today's market.

We would like to thank all who took the time to visit with us at FESPA 2010 in Munich! We hope you had the opportunity to experience our latest innovative garment decorating products and equipment and welcome any inquiries you might have.


Printwear and Promotion 2010

More People Seeking Custom Transfer Services—Target Transfers Has 31 Ink
Systems to Choose From!

Even though the the Printwear and Promotion 2010 show only had a small increase in overall visitors compared to last year,
the number of people visiting the Target Transfers booth was up considerably! The booth was flooded with people from
open to close. As the UK's premier garment and textile decoration specialist, Target offers the right mix of garment
decorating products and services. Booth traffic was boosted by the daily seminars presented by Sales Manager Chris
Treadway. "Visitors are looking for faster, more convenient ways to decorate all types of items," says Treadway, "and
Target has an amazing selection of custom transfer systems, including full color digital transfers, and we can help you
find the right one for your next job."

Target Transfers 2010 Tradeshow Booth

Sign & Digital UK 2010

At the Sign & Digital UK 2010, Target Transfers demonstrated just how easy it is for sign-makers to increase sales and
start decorating garments today. Today's sign-makers want to use their full color digital printer/cutters to the full extent,
and Target has CAD-COLOUR® Solutions, New Print and Cut Rapid and all the accessories needed to print full color logos
on any textile. Or, they can choose from any one of Target Transfers 31 Custom Transfer Ink Systems. Many sign-makers
are finding that adding a Hotronix® heat press to their business is the easiest way to get started in garment decorating.
For more information on the products and services offering by Target Transfers, go to


TecStyle 2010

Stahls' Europe Focuses On Services at TecStyle Visions Show in Stuttgart

There's more than one way to decorate a garment, and Stahls' Europe showed their apparel decorating expertise at the
recent TecStyle Visions show in Stuttgart, impressing visitors with a wide variety of customization services for every need.

In addition to showcasing their popular decorating services that include screen printed and digital transfers, custom cutting
and heat application, visitors were excited to learn that Stahls' Europe now offers direct embroidery services. This classic
decorating method rounds out the complete palette of services offered by Stahls'.

With the emergence of performance wear, lightweight fabrics and specialty items, visitors were looking for very specific
decorating solutions. Stahls' Europe did not disappoint, thanks to their vast offering of materials, services and heat printing
possibilities. No matter what the quantity or what type of fabric, Stahls' was able to offer creative, cost-effective solutions
for visitors who demand fresh, innovative ideas.

So whether you are looking for high fashion digital printing on metallics or the rich look of embroidery, the garment
decorating experts at Stahls' Europe can help you find the perfect solution for every project.

TecStyle 2010 Tradeshow Booth


  2009 Tradeshows


VisCom 2009

Stahls' Europe Introduces CAD-CUT® SportFilm Lite™ // SportsFilm and Machines
at VisCom, Düsseldorf

VisCom visitors looking to find better ways to print custom sports jerseys found what they wanted and more at the Stahls'
Europe booth. Samples of Stahls' newest CAD-CUT® material, SportFilm Lite™ // SportsFilm, were on display. This very thin,
poly-urethane material is available in 30 colors including standard, metallic and fluorescent hues.

Also debuting at the Stahls' booth was The MAXX® Heat Press from Stahls' Hotronix®. This new press was a definite
value winner, thanks to its lower price point combined with world-famous Hotronix® features such as a digital time, pressure
and temperature display and lifetime warranty on the heating element.

A newly introduced large format sublimation printer was also on display in the booth and visitors got a first glance at this
great piece of machinery. Designed for the sublimation of banners and flags at a very attractive price, this printer was
well received as a way to open new markets and sell more to existing customers.

VisCom 2009 Tradeshow Booth


FESPA 2009

Innovative Heat Transfer Materials and Heat Presses = Successful Show

Stahls' Europe Presents at FESPA Digital 2009 in Amsterdam

For the first time ever, Stahls' Europe presented its entire range of heat printing products and services at FESPA Digital in Amsterdam, including Hotronix® heat presses, printable digital media, and heat transfer films for every type of fabric.

Visitors from over 40 countries stopped by to see the latest in heat transfers films, such as CAD-CUT® Effect and CAD-CUT® Glitter. These new materials were very well received, as they are perfect for creating sparkling and shimmering apparel decorations in a large variety of colors. Since they are easily heat applied on a wide variety of items, visitors were inspired
with the ability to customize more than just t-shirts.

Another exciting unveiling was The MAXX® Press. Customers could see this new series in action and get a hands-on
demonstration of all three (3) clam sizes and the new cap press. The MAXX® Press features a full digital display and is packed
with the renowned quality and warranties for which Hotronix® is known. The attractive black MAXX® press was a booth
highlight and is offered at a very competitive price.

Stahls' Europe looks forward to FESPA 2010 in Munich where they will be welcoming visitors once again. For more information
on Stahls' Europe, click here.

FESPA 2009 Tradeshow Booth



Signs Of Positive Growth at SignUK Show

The activity at the recent SignUK Show at the NEC Birmingham contrasted with the common feeling presented in the press
that the country is in a downturn, reports Martin Borley of Target Transfers. "You wouldn't know it from the number of
visitors we had at our stand," says Borley. "We had an overwhelming number of visitors stop by to learn and see all the
new CAD-CUT® textile vinyl and printable media now available from Target Transfers. We noticed a real spirit to succeed
in the customers we spoke to over the three days. One summed it up best with the quote: "Tough times don't last but tough
companies do."

A center point of interest at the stand was the NEW Mimaki CJV30 Series of Print and Cut machine, which was swamped at
all times as live demonstrations were carried out using the NEW Print and Cut printable media, RAPID media on the Mimaki
CJV30-60. RAPID dry's instantly and gives the user the opportunity to print, cut and apply high quality 4 colour motifs in
house, on demand and at a profit in minutes! There really has never been a better opportunity to start a garment decorating
business or add one to your embroidery, screen-printing or sign service.

For those who were unable to attend the show, you can visit the Target Transfers website at
where you can register for updates, free tools, helpful user videos and links to the GroupeSTAHL family of sites and blogs.
In addition, a special information line is set up on Braintree (UK) 326351.

Target Transfers Tradeshow Booth


  2008 Tradeshows


Serigrafia Sign 2008

Serigrafia, Latin America's largest tradeshow for the printing and graphics industry, opened its doors in São Paolo, Brazil
from July 9-12th 2008.

With 25.000 square meters of exhibiting space, the three halls were booked by over 250 exhibitors from around the world
showing the latest in innovative technology revolving around visual communication, screen-printing and signage.

More than 41.000 national and international visitors took advantage of this show to gain or broaden knowledge of this
exciting market. Stahls' International introduced its extensive / expansive line of CAD-CUT® rolled materials and
CAD-COLOR® digital materials.

The entire CAD-COLOR® Solution™ range was on display as Ariel Nicolaci, Sales Manager for Stahls' International, explained
the easy process to create amazing and brilliant designs to visitors. Visitors were impressed with the vast range of digital
medias Stahls' offered; ranging from matte, shiny, reflective, mirror-like, and “puff” – a special look for every taste!