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FESPA Munich 2019

FESPA Munich 2019
Where: Munich / Germany
When: 14 - 17 May 2019

FESPA Munich 2019

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Yardage Materials by the Yard
CAD-CUT Cut Your Own Graphics
CAD-COLOR Media for Print & Cut
HEAT PRESSES Heat Apply Onto Substrates

The Right Tools for the Job

Hotronix® Dual Air Fusion™
at Fespa China

Double your performance!
Come see us at Fespa China
in Guangzhou Nov. 21-23.

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New Hotronix® Equipment
Cart and tools

Increase production with the
right tools. New Heat Equipment
Cart and 7 most popular tools.

Hotronix Cart
Useful Tools

Heat Apply Sublimation
on CAD-CUT® material

Get a perfect print with
Heat Apply Sublimation on
CAD-CUT® Pressure Sensitive

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Discover the Endless Possibilities with New Pastel Colors, Materials & Accessories

Stahls’ CAD-CUT®
SportFilm EXTRA™

Your best choice for decorating
garments, and 5 new colors
are now available.

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New Hotronix®
Can Cooler Platen

Increase sales with the latest
heat press accessory to hit the
market: the Hotronix® Can
Cooler Platen.

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Did You Know?

Heat Apply Sublimation
on CAD-CUT® Glitter Flake™
without Ghosting or
Dyeing Effect

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Hotronix® Dual Air Fusion™

Heat-Press Icon

Personalize From Head to Toe – in Record Time

Hotronix Heat Press Dual Air Fusion

“Many of our large and medium-volume customers have been waiting for a dual-platen heat press,” said
Ben Robinson, General Manager of Stahls’ Hotronix. “We recognized the demand and need for such a heat press,
especially for decorators doing mixed-media applications on the same garment. With the introduction of the new
Dual Air Fusion heat press
, the wait is over. High and medium-volume decorators now have a machine that
empowers them to double-down on performance, productivity and ultimately—profits.”

With two printing stations, the new Dual Air Fusion increases productivity by nearly 50% based on a one-operator
time study and when compared to a standard swinger-style heat press;  decorating garments from head to toe in
record time.  Hotronix Heat Press Dual Air Fusion

The Dual Air Fusion’s ability to rapidly shuttle between the two individual workstations and the capability to adjust application time and multiple pressure settings based on the position of the upper platen via its touch screen technology make this increase in production possible. With this technology, a user can configure the Dual Air Fusion’s A and B workstations for a variety of different platen sizes and accommodate various heat application settings, enabling a dynamic range of mixed-media applications. 

With the Dual Air Fusion’s optional laser alignment system, operators can realize additional productivity gains.

Hotronix Heat Press Dual Air Fusion Featuring four independently-adjustable lasers per
platen, the laser alignment system enables precision
decoration for full front, left chest and numerous
other garment locations. The laser alignment system
can be operated utilizing the touch screen technology
and lasers will turn on and off automatically to accommodate the station in use.  

Direct-to-Garment printers take note: the Dual Air
Fusion makes pre-heating, pre-curing, pressing,
and post-curing easy. Set your A station for pre
-treatment and your B station for post-curing and
cut your set-up and production time in half. With
exceptional pressure per-square-inch, fibrillation
is eliminated, making printed images crisp and

-> Heat Press Hotronix® Dual Air Fusion™