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FESPA Global Print 2018

FESPA Global Print 2018
Where: Berlin / Germany
When: 15 - 18 May 2018

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Performance Wear Welcome - CAD-COLOR® TEK™ Series

CAD-COLOR Icon Introducing the new TEK™ Series heat transfer films for performance wear; designed
specifically to satisfy the growing need for full color customization on high-tech performance
wear, nylons and sublimated garments.
Print where no screen printer or embroiderer dares to go! No more scorched garments
thanks to our patented, low-heat activated adhesive – StiX². Now you can print and apply
the full color logos your customers demand on running wear, yoga wear, cheer, dance and
much more.

Currently the Series includes:

boasting five different metallic and shimmering effects, only 35µ thin.

SuperTEK™ Opaque
for stretchable, high-definition, full color printing on any fabric.

SuperTEK™ Sublistop™
for blocking dye migration from sublimated fabrics while staying surprisingly flexible.

YARDAGE Glitter Flake™

YARDAGE Icon YARDAGE Glitter Flake Create stunning designs with this textured
glitter material! Chose from over a dozen of
sparkly colors, sure to be eye-catching for
anyone wearing it:
from fashion to cheer wear and everything in-between.

-> YARDAGE Glitter Flake™

Hotronix® Table Top Air Fusion™

Heat-Press Icon

Space Saving – High Production

A tabletop version of the original Hotronix® Air Fusion™ heat press which comes on a pedestal
stand for those who want their heat press positioned on a counter or any other custom top.
Boasting the same great features as its predecessor and cutting down substantially on shipping
cost due to its compact size.
Hotronix Heat Press Table Top Air Fusion

Hotronix® Table Top Air Fusion™

34”L x 18”W x 24”H • 126 lbs (57 kg)

Paketship weight:
37”L x 24”W x 27”H • 154 lbs (70kg)

-> Hotronix® Table Top Air Fusion™

Introducing Hotronix® Caddies

Hotronix Heat Press Counter Caddie Heat-Press Icon

Save Up to 40% of Your Production Time

In late 2012 we introduced the Hotronix® Heat
Press Caddie™. We were inundated with emails
and testimonials from enthusiastic customers
telling us howmuch more efficient their work
had become utilizing this acessory:

“I just got my Caddie last week. BEST DANGED PURCHASE EVER!!!!
Being able to thread a shirt for fast and easy front and backs is
WONDERFUL! And, for me, I do a ton of bling (in addition to transfers),
now I don’t have to put a Teflon® sheet between the shirt layers.
I thread the shirt! That, in itself, has increased my productivity by
at least the 40% you guys said I would. I personally think it’s more!
Thanks for the video that sold me! I had put it off because I was
concerned about the thing flipping over. It’s the sturdiest piece
of equipment I’ve ever worked with, however. No more fears of that
and I’m just enjoying working in what feels like double time!”

Realizing that not everybody needs a stand and still wants to take
advantage of the great benefit of Threadability™ that the Caddie offers
we are now proud to introduce the Counter Caddie™. This space saving
caddie offers the same Threadability™ its cousin does, while sitting on
top of the counter vs a stand.

Hotronix Heat Press Caddie Threadable™
The new Hotronix® Heat Press Caddie™ takes your Hotronix Auto Open or MAXX® press to another level. Now you can easily decorate the entire textile: front to back, side to side, without ever removing it from the lower platen saving up to 40% of valuable decoration time.

The ergonomically designed stand with its height adjustment feature helps avoid operator’s fatigue. No more stretching to reach high handles. No more back breaking bending. With the Heat Press Caddie, your press is now “One Size Fits All”.
Hotronix Heat Press Caddie in use Hotronix Heat Press Caddie Details
Heavy duty, self leveling casters allow you to move the Heat Press Caddie™ where ever you want freeing up valuable counter space in your shop! Assembling your press onto the Caddie is easy: through-holes have been drilled into the Caddie™ allowing for easy access. Simply place your Hotronix Auto Open or MAXX press onto the platform and start heat printing – smarter and more efficiently than ever before.

-> Heat Press Accessories
-> The MAXX® Press
-> Hotronix Auto Open

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