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STAHLS' International

Stahls’ International was founded in 1981 in St. Clair Shores, Michigan. Today they supply customers
and distributors with heat printing products, equipment and services in more than 100 countries
worldwide, on four continents. The company, a division of GroupeSTAHL, continues to grow and
expand by continually providing the latest in heat printing and digital technologies and superior
customer service to both new and existing global markets.


Stahls’ International Global Distributor

About Our Team

For the past 25 years, the STAHLS’ International Team, lead by Anne Gojcaj, has focused on providing
the highest level of customer service in all aspects of international business, to ensure that GroupeSTAHL
products and services are available all over the world.
The STAHLS’ International Team has members fluent in nine languages, including three Chinese dialects.
It is this group’s responsibility and goal to effectively communicate with and support the network of
international distributors.
STAHLS’ International supports existing distributors and customers with on-going training on new
and existing products, which often includes on-site visits and sales assistance at international tradeshows.
They also assist by setting up new communication paths within the various countries to create a network
that works together and can be more lucrative.

Innovation From Around the World

With the constant changes in product technology and the demand for new products in global markets,
STAHLS’ International is on the cutting edge of product developments and garment decoration trends

from around the world. The team is trained and encouraged to explore potential new products and
report on inspired ways of using existing products or more profitable production methods.
By providing first hand information on the latest international trends, everyone benefits. Another
advantage that STAHLS’ International offers its dealers and distributors is the ability to offer a wide
range of products from all GroupeSTAHL companies. This includes access to the world’s largest
manufacturer of heat seal equipment, CAD-CUT® materials, transfers, ink jet and laser papers and
hundreds of other sought-after products. Almost any product sold by a GroupeSTAHL company can
be shipped via STAHLS’ International to locations throughout the world. This ensures the best service
to our customers, providing the best possible service and products required by their marketplace.

Experienced Shipping Professionals

Sending merchandise across the globe can be a difficult task, with a lot of hurdles and red tape to overcome.
STAHLS’ International employs our own logistics specialists who receive the best training available in order
to keep up with the constantly changing demands of international shipping rules and regulations, saving our
customers time, money and a lot of aggravation.


Entrepreneurial Spirit

STAHLS’ International continues to build strong global relationships with their distributors and strategic
partners. The energy of the team knows no boundaries as they promote the innovative and entrepreneurial
spirit inherent in heat applied technologies. No matter where in the world you live or do business, there is
usually a demand forpersonalized garments. STAHLS’ International is committed to bringing the fastest,
easiest and most profitable ways to create custom garments to people everywhere.